Kaboomz 2

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  • Kaboomz 2


    Kaboomz 2 is a skill game based on physics cannon. Your goal is to pop the bubbles red and blue get any bubbles float to the top of the screen. Balloons can be matched with cannonballs or spikes. Lines and certain types of blocks can be destroyed with your cannon. In some levels, you will not be hit with a cannon ball, so you will need to move the object in the stage to pop them. There are 30 levels in all; trying to complete them in as few shots as possible. Keep the blue ball and broke the red fruit. Orientation cannon and shoot to move the archives different picture. Pop the red balloons by making them touch spikes or hitting them directly with your cannonballs. Release the blue balloons by breaking their chains. Wishing you lots of fun while playing the game on Bonk-io.

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